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Subcription reminder damages magazine!

Hi, all,

I've been a subscriber to Stereophile since 1984. I have kept all of my back issues, and although I'm not "anal" about keeping them pristine, I like to keep them in nice shape.

Occasionally, over the years, I have neglected renewal of my subscription until the "reminders" started arriving.

Prior to the past couple of years the magazine would be sent in a poly bag or wrapper, and the subscription reminders were seperate sheets of paper mailed with the issue.

Last year, and again this year (the March issue), I waited too long, and the expiration warnings arrived.

Since Stereophile is now sent "naked", the "reminders" are heavy-stock paper outer covers glued over the spine of the magazine. It is impossible to remove this outer paper "cover" without tearing it off, which destroys the spine of the magazine! (The binding itself is not damaged, but I end up with a rough, white, blank surface where the volume number and month of the issue is printed.)

I now have received three issues total in the past two years that I've had to write the volume/month on in pen...

BOO on this one, Stereophile!!


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Re: Subcription reminder damages magazine!

Didn't you post this once already as a Letter to the Editor?

You should see what an issue of my copy of 'phile looks like after about 2 months. I'm lucky if it is still readable.

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