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Stylus tracking and sibilant distortion

Hi, I was wondering what I specifically need to upgrade (and to what price point) to completely rid my turntable of 'essing' distortion about 13khz or so. My stylus has a quoted range of 20-20khz, but they don't mention that a large portion of this range sounds like [censored]! The tonearm (an offset design) is balanced and the antiskate is set properly. Do I need a stylus with a range up to 50khz? A heavier, more precise tonearm? Any specific makes/models of stylus that are recommended?

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Re: Stylus tracking and sibilant distortion

How old is your cartridge? If it is old and a moving magnet type you might want to consider replacing the stylus. If it is a moving coil type then the cartridge will need replacement. Check the tracking force using an accurate stylus force gauge. The cheapest one of them is the Shure SFG-2. If your tonearm has an antiskating adjustment make sure it is set properly. Make sure the cartridge is aligned properly. I use a DB Systems stylus protractor. These kinds of devices are available at

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