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Stuck On A Speaker Decision

Hi All,

I've been researching components for a vinyl set up and would love to see if anyone has any experience with either B&W's 702 signatures and/or Sonus Faber's Sonetto IIIs (or even Vs). I just demo'd both and found what other folks on other forums have reported: the SFs have incredible warmth and depth, but lack just a little on the higher end; and the B&Ws have amazing detail throughout the whole spectrum, but might underemphasize the bottom a little. So, I got to thinking about amp pairing - is there an amp that might bring out the highs with the SFs or flesh out the low end of the B&Ws? And, of course, the more research I do, the more other brands start to show up (Devore, for example) .. should I be considering others?

Not sure if this is helpful, but I'm leaning toward the Rotel RA-1592MKII as a power source although I'm not married to the idea if there's a better choice.

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