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Strange apparatus!!! (Tri-Vista SACD)


Wondering if anyone else out there owns a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista SACD player, and has experimented with DVD discs?

All the reviews I've read make a big point of the fact that the Tri-V will not play DVD-A. But I have read some postings on other sites that mention that it might!

I don't own any DVD-As, but I tried loading a DVD-Video disc into the Tri-V player. Remarkably, through trial and error, I was able to navigate through the menu, and choose various layers on the disc: PCM 2/0, Dolby 3/2+1, and Pro Logic.

So that got me wondering, what happens to the 3/2+1 layer. If I hooked the digital output of the Tri-V to a multi-channel amp, would I be able to hear surround sound? I don't have a multi-channel amp so can't check this out.

Also, I'm wondering whether I might be able to play DVD-A?Can anyone explain what's going on here, given that the Tri-V is meant to be a stereo SACD player only?


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