Stillwater Artisanal & Lower Dens

We all know that good beer and good music make a beautiful couple, so it should come as no big surprise that craft brewer Stillwater Artisanal Ales is partnering with independent artists to create a new line of beers. The first of Stillwater’s Sensory Series is inspired by “In the End is the Beginning,” the closing track from Lower Dens’ recently released Nootropics.

Says Brian Strumke, Stillwater owner and brew master:

“With Stillwater, we set out to create an environment of intrigue—from the visual aesthetics of the packaging to the lack of definitive style of the beer, subtle complexity is also our hallmark. We are asking the consumer for consideration, to interact with the product. It instantly rang clear to me that [Lower Dens] were seasoned mature artists. There were hints of beloved nostalgia but nothing obvious or trendy; driving repetition with intricate overlays allows the listener to take the back seat for a ride while also tempting you to look deeper within. These were all traits that I related to, from my days as an electronic music artist and now as a beer designer.”

The beer is said to be “light in body and color, intermingled with aspects of dark fruits and a floral earthy spiciness, gently accented with a hint of smoke.” (Mmm…)

Before this news, all I knew about Lower Dens was that my friend Natalie likes them. So: 1., hot girls like Lower Dens; 2., Lower Dens have their own special beer.

Lower Dens are obviously awesome.

The band (and the beer) will hit the road this fall, so catch them if you can. Nootropics is available now from Ribbon Music.