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Stereophile's Sub Services Staff are the worst !!!!


Don't know if this belongs here, but here it goes:

I have been a subscriber since 2003.

I have always, and I mean ALWAYS had problems with my address being misprinted on the mailing labels.

If you attempt to correct/update via Stereophile's webpage, it will take 3 months before you see any changes, and they will do it wrong anyway. If you send an email with your address, they will get it wrong too!!!

At this moment, if I log-in to my account, I get someone else's name and address displayed. I complained about that and their only reply was: "Your mailing address was changed on September 12, 2008. The change will take effect with the November 2008 issue. Your subscription will expire with the July 2009 issue. A review of your account shows that the November 2008 issue is currently en route to you. You should receive the November 2008 issue by November 11, 2008."

What's that supposed to mean, are they really sending my magazine to some other guy in PA? I live in Mexico City for God's sake!!! They always ask you to include all previous emails, but they NEVER care to read them.

It's silly, but I will have to get the digital edition instead.

I love Sterophile and their staff, but these Source Interlink Media people are killing my subscription.

Take Care!

Juan C. Naranjo.
Mexico City.

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