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Stereophile's New Expanded Political Coverage !!

Yo dickhead, want to talk cafe culture, huh?
Left it behind years ago, duh...

Rhyming slang and talking crap into the small hours,
we changed the world, eh, yours not ours...

Cause old farts will be gone and dead, in the head,
maybe, or maybe not in your head, dead...

But alive, to strive and educate.
before it is too bloody late...

And the ghost of Cheapskate will live forever,
to leave you never...
because twas him started this,
load of piss...

You should be grateful.
Not berate-full.

Young 'uns should try the road to hell,
first and then yell,
when their egos get sore,
open then the door...
to more and more and more...


Copyright 2007 the Ghost of Dormston

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