The Stereophile Test CD Track 5

Track information, Track 5

[5] "Why Hi-Fi Experts Disagree" (DDD) 6:17
J. Gordon Holt reads from Stereophile Vol.1 No.4 (March-April 1963), recorded in mono by Robert Harley with, in order, the following microphones: Shure SM57, AKG D190E, Sennheiser MD441, Electrovoice RE20, Coles 4038, B&K 4006, Crown PZM, Milab LC25, Neumann TLM170, AKG C414B, Neumann U87, Neumann U47FET, Neumann U67, Telefunken U47, Telefunken ELAM251, AKG C12, AKG C12 (modified by Stephen Paul), EAR The Mic. (Index points 2-19 mark the edits between each microphone.) Mikes are mainly courtesy of Audio Rents, Los Angeles, CA; Coles courtesy of Audio Engineering Associates; Milab LC25 courtesy of Dick Olsher; AKG D190E courtesy of John Atkinson; EAR The Mic and B&K 4006 courtesy of Stereophile magazine. Microphone preamplifier: EAR 824M (which uses tubes). Recorder: Nakamichi 1000 R-DAT.

We assembled this track to demonstrate the kinds of colorations typical of professional microphones. We had wanted to get as much correspondence as possible between the microphones featured on this track and those used to capture the music tracks. Unfortunately, Gordon had mislaid the Sony C37 mikes used for his music recordings when he moved to Colorado; the Calrec Soundfield mic was not available to us when this track was laid down; and copyright problems meant that two music tracks that were made with microphones featured in this track did not make their way on to the CD.