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Is Stereophile going to re-review...

the new generation iPods? I ask because Apple has apparently made fairly major changes to the circuit (Red Wine will no longer mod them, in fact), including the substitution of a Cirrus Logic DAC for the Wolfson that had been in place before. I'd love to see what measurements JA would discover.

I got one of the 80G Classics (in Silver) for the holidays, and there's no question that it sounds quite different from my earlier (3G) iPod. Contrary to most posters on, I don't notice any difference in soundstaging, but the bass is much tighter (more "solid-state") and the treble is goosed just a bit (I don't think the "flat" setting is truly flat anymore-- I'd guess it's up about 2db at about 12-13k-- like turning the "presence" knob on a guitar amp.). I haven't done enough listening (with or without headphone amp) to have made up my mind, but I'd guess that a) there's a slightly better THD, b) the output voltage at the headphone jack is down a tad (you have to turn up louder for the same volume between versions) and c) as I said before, the EQ curve of the device isn't flat.

Any other users have opinions?


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