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Stereo-Link USB DAC

I apologize if this has been asked before (I poked around and could not find any reference to it), but does anyone have any experience with the Stereo-Link USB DAC? Stereo-Link, from what I gather, is a small company in Rhode Island that sells a cheapy USB DAC - the base model sells for $195. Thanks in advance. Here's a link to their website if you're interested:

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Re: Stereo-Link USB DAC


Didn't want you to think we were avoiding you. I suspect the lack of responses would indicate no one has hands on experience with this product. Looks like a nifty device and the price is reasonable. The big plus I see is that 15 day return policy if your not happy.

Have you considered a Squeezebox? For a hundred bucks more it would offer you wired or wireless access to your music library via remote control as well as from your PC, plus it has a digital out jack if you ever wanted to add an upgraded DAC. Food for thought!

If you should go with the stereo link let us know what you think of it.



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