Stenheim Alumine 3 speakers, CH Precision C1 D.A Controller, D1 SACD / CD Drive, L1 preamp, P1 phono stage, X1 power supplies, and A1.5 2-channel amplifier; Technics SL1000R turntable, Lyra Etna SL cartridge, Harmonic Resolution stands, Etc.

Some may have found these burnished beauties a little over-precise, but to others, it was the system among all those presented by Sunny Components whose absolute clarity put it over the top—or so was my brief impression on an LP of Cécile McLorin Salvant singing “Le Front caché sur les Genoux.”

Heard, with the understanding that CH Precision prices listed are starting prices and do not include lists of options and possible upgrade paths: CH Precision C1 D/A Controller ($32,000), D1 SACD / CD Drive ($38,000), L1 preamp ($34,500), P1 phono stage ($31,000), X1 dual power supplies ($20,500), and A1.5 2-channel amplifier ($39,500); Stenheim Alumine 3 speakers ($29,500/pair), Technics SL1000R turntable ($18,500) with Lyra Etna SL cartridge ($10,995), Harmonic Resolution stands, AudioQuest Niagara 7000 per conditioner and cabling.

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CH Precision provides user adjustable feedback controls for their amplifiers ......... See Stereophile reviews and measurements :-) ........

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In this room, we played a copy of the original white dog 'The Ralph Hunter Choir...The Wild Wild West", LPS 1968. The choir on the album did sound extremely good and the audience appreciated it enough to even thank the presenter afterwards. Usually a good sign!