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Stats on Recommended Components?


Has anybody looked at the odds for inclusion on the Recommended Components when a component has been reviewed?

I'd be curious to see.



My guess would be 75% for "formally reviewed" components.

Lower for "column reviewed" components, like from Analog Corner, Fifth Element, Sam's Corner, etc...

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Re: Stats on Recommended Components?

Hmmm, this will be interesting. Heck, I thought all products reviewed made it in...somewhere.


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Re: Stats on Recommended Components?

I would hazard a guess of about 95% or better make the list. Certainly not all, but considering the fact that 'phile chooses to review components that they think will perform up to expectations, the ratio should be pretty high.

Some notable exceptions off the top of my head would be Richard Gray Power Conditioners and the original ARC least I think I remember it being the 9 that Holt and JA both thought very disappointing.

I was a little surprised to see the NAD 372 end up in class B, only because it was so thoroughly trashed in the European HiFi reviews. Not that I don't often see a difference of opinion by the Euros and the U.S. when it comes to HiFi, but I can't recall a component that was this far apart between the least when it comes to readily available and often reviewed brands. It makes me wonder if the 372 was reworked and not rebadged.

Lamont Sanford
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Re: Stats on Recommended Components?

Well, if it didn't get a favorable review? Even my cheap Harman Kardon receiver made it on the last list. Well, the 100w version did. But it wasn't actually formally reviewed. Just got an honorable mention in one of the past articles.

As for loudspeakers, and statistically speaking, if it doesn't rate below a weighted standard deviation below 3.5 for the frequency response range 170-17k than it will probably not make the list except for certain circumstances like economy and so forth.

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