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Static noise on Pro-ject Perspective turntable

I have a Pro-ject Perspective turntable. I am very new to vinyl. There seems to be a big static electricity problem. Sometimes it starts to crackle while playing. If I then lift the lid it makes big noises. When I have stopped the turntable, even removing the lp from the platter causes lots of crackling through the speakers (I am using an MC cartridge). How do I solve this problem?

There is no mat on the platter. I was told it was meant to be like that. Is it so? Or do I need a special mat? If so, what are the specific things I should look for in a mat (I am in Japan so the brands are probably different, and all I can really use is my eyes to judge, so visual tips would be handy!)

Thank you!

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Re: Static noise on Pro-ject Perspective turntable


That is ALOT of static electricity!

Is your turntable properly grounded?

You should also make sure the equipment it is connected to is grounded as well.

Also make sure you used the proper orientaion for plugging the unit in. It's hard to get wrong, but worth a look, just in case.

I'm thinking that getting everything properly grounded is the place to start.

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Re: Static noise on Pro-ject Perspective turntable

Hi, I just found this old thread, but I am having a similar problem.

I recently upgraded to a Pro-Ject 2 Xperience. In my very dry environment, static has always been a problem and this TT seems to suffer it a quite a lot, too. I am noticing almost the same things you described and my equipment is all grounded well.

I attached an alligator clip lead from the ground wire (at the RCA connectors) to a metal screw for the bearing assembly underneath the plinth, into which the platter sits. I think this "ground path" helps bleed some corona static off the platter assembly. Without this path, there is absolutely nowhere for any static on the platter to go (except through the needle, as you mentioned). It seems to eliminate the zaps while playing and reduces the zaps while removing the disc from the platter by quite a lot.

I have a picture I can send if interested ...

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