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Starting up - Audiolab vs Cambridge Audio combo

Hello everybody,
I am new to this forum and I come straight with a question :)
I am setting up an hi-fi system that I want to deliver in phases (budget constraint atm) and after some researches and studies based on my needs, I selected down the following 2 combo.
I'd like some opinion on which one might be the best to start, also considering my budget .

(1) Audiolab 6000N + Audiolab 6000A + Klipsch R-51M
(2) Cambridge Audio CXN V2 + Cambridge Audio AXA35 + Klipsch R-51M

To give some reasoning behind my thought process, let me share some of my requirements - what I want from my system:
- good quality for the type of music I listen at (jazz, ethnic, 70's rock) & good solid sound in the space (living room of circa 20m2),
- online streaming supported (Tidal, spotify, internet radio) controlled by Android App
- main components separated for future upgrades
- usb port (could have), bluetooth
- 1,200£ for Phase 1 (please see below)
- Multi-room (nice to have)
- same brand (to accomodate my partner's request) to start
- Phono stage (mandatory)

Phase 1: Music Streamer+Integrated Amp+Speakers
Phase 2: Turntable
Phase 3: CD player

Thanks in advance,

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