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starter system for a friend

This is my first post and (haha) I may not be in the right place, because the first thread I opened in the "Entry Level" forum suggested a $5K amp! But I will give it a shot.

Here is my challenge.
I'm helping an 80 year old woman get her first system. She loved the sound of my almost 40 year old Vandersteen II's, and that was her inspiration to attempt a system.

Her living room is small, maybe 15'x20', and she wants the smallest speakers possible, of course with good sound. I brought over an amp and old Dana Audio bookshelves (remember those!?) so she could get an idea how a system would sound in her place. The first two CD's we pulled off her stack were opera and Mozart something or other. I sat down with her and played some Spanish acoustic guitar and vocals on my iphone which she also liked. So, she isn't looking to rock the house.

The budget is not fixed but we'd like to end up between $1K and $1.5K for speakers, stands and amp. has an article "cheap hi-fi speakers" with some that were interesting that she said she could live with size-wise (the Dana's were way too big at 15H"x9W"x7D"). I narrowed it down to Dali Oberon 1 or Spektor 2, for size and quality, about 11H"x6W"x9D". Given her room we're planning stands, which I could also use suggestions for. And btw, open to any speakers in a similar or smaller size as the Dali's. Not planning a sub.

I'm having a problem with amp selection. I want a straight-forward audio amp, but will be running her video equipment through it as well, using RCA's. It's how I've got my home system configured (the A/V amps I've owned have been uninspiring, and that's being kind). Will consider an A/V amp if that's the better solution, but want to avoid unnecessary complexity, size and cost if possible.

Some parameters I'm trying to meet.
inputs: CD player, DVD (audio out), TV (audio out),
bluetooth (for iphone streaming)

The only thing on my radar right now is the Marantz 6007 which whathifi also likes, and is what I use to drive my Vandersteens. It requires a separate gadget for bluetooth however.

Suggestions? small speakers, stands, amps, streaming solutions.

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A very simple system with a

A very simple system with a BlueSound Power Node and a pair of ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 would be well within your price target. Going this route will give your friend a system that is easy to operate with an iOS device and it can connect to the TV via eARC. It also has two analog inputs if you add 3.5mm to RCA adapters.

Not the standard "audiophile" solution, but very affordable, high performance for the price point, super compact, and easy to use.

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