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ST review of Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations

I was delighted to read ST's review of Verity Audio's Parsifal Ovations in the December issue. As Sam points out, Verity is not a company that tends to shout from the rooftops, but their products speak for themselves and in my view deserve serious consideration by anybody looking for compact, unobtrusive and beautifully engineered floorstanders in that price-range.

Although I am sure it was a wise decision from a medical standpoint, it was a shame that Sam decided not to haul his Parasound amps upstairs to try them with the Parsifals. I drove my Parsifal Encores (the previous model) for many years with a pair of Nagra VPAs, the pairing chosen by many dealers and indeed Verity themselves at many shows, and while the sound was fantastic I have to say I had no idea what they were capable of until I tired them with the much more powerful (and hernia-inducing) Boulder. Shame Sam sent back that Boulder 1060 he raved about back in the November 2000 issue; the combination with the Parsifals is just dandy. Not impress-the-hell-out-of-you-with-fancy-tricks dandy, real they-all-lived-happily-ever-after dandy.

Finally, nearly ten years on I have to commend Verity on their customer care and after-sales service. Their dealers (and an international relocation means I have now dealt with two) have both been absolutely top notch and the questions I have sent to Verity directly have been promptly and meticulously answered by Julien himself. One really gets the impression that they care about every single pair they have ever sold - which is of course how it should be.

So Robert, if you're reading this, I am afraid I won't be trading these in for a VERY long time - at least not until I can afford a pair in quilted maple and, inshallah, not even then!

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