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SSI 2009 - Montreal (FSI)

Starts April 3rd in Montreal, is now called SSI, so actually SSI 2009. We just shipped out 3 pallets of new gear to the show. So do drop by to see and hear some excellent Hi-End audio that fits in any budget. Please bring some of your favourite music to listen to, I get really bored of the audiophile demo music and Rachel won't let me play my music

Room 909. Show pricing in effect for attendees.

Here is a list of what we will be demonstrating:

Grant Fidelity

GF RITA-880 KT88 Tube Amp
GF A-534B 300B Tube Amp
GF CD-327A Tube CD Player
GF CD-1000 Tube CD Player/Headphone Amp
GF LS3/5A Speakers
GF RBS-1 Speakers
GF RPF-120 MKII Power Conditioners and Power Cables
GF PC-1.5 Power Cables
GF RCA-1.5 and MRCA-1.5 Interconnects
GF SPC-2.5 and MSC-2.5 Speaker Cables
GF BT-12 Bass Traps
GF B-283 Tube Processor
GF P-350 Tube Phono Stage (prototype)
GF Amp Stands
GF 1, 2 and 3 Tier Audio Stands

Opera Consonance

OC Droplet 5.0 MKII Turntable
OC Forbidden City LIU Turntable
OC Droplet 3.1 Turntable
OC ST-600 Tonearm (Dynavector DV 17D3 Karat Cartridge)
OC ST-100 Tonearm (Dynavector DV 20X H Cartridge)
OC ST-88 Tonearm (Dynavector DV 10X5 Cartridge)
OC Reference 40 Tube Phono Stage
OC PM-8 SS Phono Stage

ShengYa Audio

SY A-S90 Receiver
SY A-216 Hybrid Amp
SY A-206 Class A Amp
SY V-518 Wood Horn Speakers

Jungson Audio

JA AV-1000D 6 Channel, 80w/ch all Class A amp
Note that Jungson manufactures most of the GF gear listed above.

Shuguang Treasure Series Tubes

SG 300B-Z
SG 2A3-Z
SG CV-181-Z (6SN7GT)
SG 6CA7-Z (EL-34)
SG KT-88-Z
SG KT-66-Z

TJ FullMusic Tubes

TJ 300B/SE
TJ 300B/c
TJ 300B/n
TJ 12AX7
TJ 12AU7

Skylan Stands

SS Double Post 24" Speaker Stands
SS Double Plate Component Isolation Platforms
SS Magic Mushroom Isolators

Saturday Night (Apr. 4) is a 'meet and greet' get together in our room (rm. 909) starting at 6:00 PM until around 10:00.


SSI 2009 Program Ad :

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