Splendid Spendor

None other than designer Terry Miles was on hand to introduce Spendor's "all-new top-of-line Spendor Classic" 3-way loudspeaker ($24,995/pair). The system, which also included Leema electronics from Wales and van den Hul cabling, delivered an excellent and impressive sense of space on a Reference Recordings CD of ballet music by Delibes. Bass had great impact, and the toned down, polite top did not prevent a triangle from resounding beautifully in space.

Miles has worked at Spendor for four decades, and began designing their latest-generation loudspeakers in 2007. Distinguishing the Classic are 12" Spendor drive-units with Kevlar-impregnated dust caps to keep the cone extremely stiff as well as light and thin. The sealed box is heavily damped inside, which is claimed to reduce internal reflections, and cabinet walls are intentionally thin to prevent resonant energy storage. In addition, the midrange unit's cone is composed of their latest internally developed polymer. "Our goal is neutrality, transparency, and effortless bass," said Miles of a speaker that has twice the volume of the 100-liter SP100.