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Speakers for parties

About 3 months ago I've bought 2 JBL E100 speakers with H/K 3380 stereo receiver. I play music from my pc with Audigy4 soundcard and it's really all I need at home. I never have enough of bass from these speakers and always have to play with it to get the sound I need.
Anyway, I have asked few of my friends and they said my sound system is cool for home.
But now, I'm using them for 3 months. I think I'm going to sell them if anyone is interested in.
But who knows...
I love techno/trance/d&b so much I want to play at parties which I am one and only organiser on.
I need new amplifier.
Possible new speakers (for djs)
min 1kW at 2 Ohm
new cables
cd player(good to have 2)
I know only prices and manufacturers from Poland.
Can You help me to choose good brands which I can buy here in IL, or online?
I always see BestBuys, CircuitCities etc, but they're not srores I look for. Where can I find real speakers stores?
And what do You suggest to buy?
One last thing:
I think about... $400-800 on amplifier
$500-1300 on speakers
I don't know if I need subwoofer. I love Jbl, that is why I bought these E100 and believe me I can't turn the bass to max cause everything around is crazy. My windows want to break. It's like earthquake.
But what about large spaces? like for 50-100 dancing peoples and and another 100 sitting at the tables?
Anyone was at banquets? I work at banquets all the time. I see djs and their stuff.
They usually have this:
I need sth better, stronger and more powerful.
So... who knows how big is banquett room for 200 peoples?
Ican have that kind of room for half prize on my birthday June 14th. So I started saving money for new sound system.
I want to invite 100/200 people and play for them.
ok that is probably end of my writing. I tried to explain what I need as much as I can.
Help me:)

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Re: Speakers for parties

I am sure there are plenty of stores in the Chicago area that sell audio equipment. Try the yellow pages under Stereo Equipment. DJ equipment (speakers)is not in the same catagory as good home speakers. Adding a subwoofer may be the only thing you need to get the bass you want.

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Re: Speakers for parties

on 100 parties, only 2 DJs had subwoofer in place where I work. Every time sound is loud but not every time is great and clear. But I'm wondering what the effect would be with the subwoofer, of course in price range $300 and more.
I never tried that yellow book. Thanks for help. Anyone else?

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Re: Speakers for parties

The only speakers for large public areas, with pristine sound for PA etc, sound reinforcement

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Re: Speakers for parties

Go to the website, there you can find all of the DJ gear that you are looking for, and their 45 day satisfaction guarantee may come in handy for you. They have Dual disk DJ cd players starting from $200. I have been buying equipment from them for many years, no problems.

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Re: Speakers for parties

The very best speakers for this kind of use, of course in my opinion, are Klipsch La Scalas. You can usually find on ebay a good selection. Look for the commercial style that come in two cabinets each for portability. Suppliment with bass bins if necessary. A LOT of sound with smaller wattage amps. Designed for theater use.

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Re: Speakers for parties

The very best speakers for this kind of use, of course in my opinion, are Klipsch La Scalas.

The Klipsch is the first thing that I thought of when I saw this thread. About 15 years ago, I built one of these (one is all that I needed), using the measurements off of a handout. It takes a full 4'x8' sheet (and a little bit more) of plywood (3/4") to put one together(heavy). I was using a Carver M-1.0t amp bridged to mono to push it.

This thing can (I still have it in my garage) do well over 100dB at 1W. Not really a Party Speaker, but a Block Party Speaker.


(oh, they sound really good too)

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