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Speakers for Hegel H120 (Sonus Faber, Revel, GoldenEar, Vandersteen, etc)

Hello everyone - great forum.

I started my love of audio equipment back in the 70s. I was proud when I finally could afford a pair of Vandersteen 2s - a speaker I loved.

Fast forward to the present. I purchased a Hegel 120 with Paradigm 800fs around six months ago. I originally had the Paradigms connected to an NAD M10. The Hegel was night and day - love that amp.

But I'm still not fully happy with the Paradigms. They tend to be a tad bright and can struggle bring some recordings to life. (Still they are a great $2K speaker)

So off to my local audio shop I went, this time trying the Sonus Faber Sonetto V, GoldenEar Triton 2+, and a few other speakers (I did not try anything else from Paradigm). In the old days, my local dealer carried all kinds of speakers and let me demo everything at home. Now, that has become tough with dealers carrying a few lines and being tough on home demos.

I liked the Sonus Faber Sonetto V the best out of the bunch. Thanks to COVID or something, they are backordered for 3 months (at least). I do not have a local Revel dealer, but do have a shop that sells Vandersteen, Wilson, Slendor, and a few others. I did not like the GoldenEars, just too bright for me.

So auditioning speakers in the same setting is pretty much out. As I listen at different places, comparisons are brutal. I prefer a slightly warm and a bit forward sound with a wide soundstage.

Have any of you listened to the Sonus Faber and compared them to other speakers? Any recommendations of other speakers I should audition in the $5K range?


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