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Speakers for a challenging room

I'm trying to figure out the best solution for a challenging room. It's the living room of a ranch house that you walk into right from the front door. There is a bay window area on that entry wall.

The room is basically a rectangle (with the addition of the bay window area), 14x20, with a ceiling that follows the angle of the roof, starting with eight feet on the right side and goes up to eleven feet on the left. The turntable and receiver are against a wall that is opposite the front door. That wall is only ten ft wide because of a hallway that goes to the back of the house on the left side (in line with the front door). A TV is mounted on that wall as well.

Because the house is small, floor speakers are out. I've checked and we won't be able to run wire through the wall, so speakers mounted on the wall would be a problem if we had to run wire.

It seems like I have a couple of options. One would be to put a soundbar under the TV and have it work for both the TV and audio system. The other seems to be Bluetooth speakers (I am not interested in sharing information with data miners, so I'm steering away from Sonos, Google or Alexa type systems).

I saw an article the New York Times Wirecutter recommending the Klipsch The One II, but I'm not sure if two of those would work for a traditional stereo setup where you want a right and left channel.

Any and all suggestions appreciated!

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I bought the Yamaha ysp 5600

I bought the Yamaha ysp 5600 soundbar $1799. And a defiance 15’’ sub that doubles as an end table. The Yamaha uses 42 1” drivers and comes with a mic so it uses dsp to simulate dolby surround. It works surprisingly well for what it is

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