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Purchased Nad int. amp and cd player. Now I'm zeroing in on my speakers. Originally I was going to purchase Paradigm Monitor 7s, but now I've decided to increase my budget to $1,000.

I can purchase demo B&W 603 s3 for $ 725. Is this a good deal? Also, will my NAD components (325BEE) drive them well? Also my room size is 23 x 18', will this speaker fill the room? Any other speakers you recommend I check out?


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Re: Speakers

Check out the Epos M12.2s. Very good for the value. I have a room about that size and they do a great job, although for below 60HZ you'll need a sub.

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Re: Speakers

In my secondary system I use a 325bee to drive a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 ($450/pair) bookshelf speakers. I also use a nad c542 cd player and analysis plus cables. Its a great, warm system that I never tire of. I am not a big fan of B&W speakers. I find them to be a bit bland. You may find that they lack excitement when paired with the warm sounding nad components. If you can get a home audition before buying, please do. Let your ears be the judge. In the $1000 range you may also want to check out the Totem Rainmaker, and NHT Classic 3, two highly regarded bookshelf speakers in your price range. I think bookshelf speakers in the $1000 range would give you more performance for your dollar than would floor standing, full range speakers in the same price range. You would need to buy speaker stands for the bookshelf speakers, but quite good ones can be had at a decent price.

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Re: Speakers

Check out the Epos M12.2s.

A good recommendation, dbowker. Another choice would be the Epos M15...the floor standing version of the M12. you get a little bass with the M15.

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