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Speaker/Amp Options

I know only my ears can make this decision, but I also don't have these three systems to A/B/C back-to-back-to-back, and although I've heard each system separately, my recall of exact sound characteristic isn't great. So I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience/thoughts with any of the following:

1 - Sonus Faber Sonetto VIIIs with MA252; or
2 - Spendor D7.2 with either the MOON 340i or EVO300.


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Sonneto V

I don't know how much it helps, but I spent two hours listening to Sonnetto V with Technic SU-G700M2. I listened to Gill Evans "The Individualism..." on CD and Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" on vinyl.

The speakers were wonderful- i loved the details, the bass- I was all set to buy the speakers, but then J listened to Harbeth and was impressed even more. In the hindsight, I admit I was more comfortable and in a better mood when I checked out the Harbeths, and it is quite possible that they weren't better at all.

I'm sure that Sonnetto VIII would impressed me even more, but they beyond my budget, so I didn't bother.

But Sonus Faber is owned by McIntosh Labs, so if you get the speakers the dealer might give you a deal on MA252. It is a beautiful amp too!

Good luck.

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