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speaker upgrades

I am starting to upgrade my "entry Level" system and decided to start with the speakers. I finally have a little bit of cash (kids out of college!) and have budgeted @ $10 to $12k. My problem is I live in a fairly remote part of PA and have very limited dealers within a 2-3 hour drive. So, I'm trying to keep my audition list relatively short. I have listened to the maggies and absolutely loved them, but want to compare at least a couple more. Can anybody help with suggestions of other brands in this range to consider?

Jan Vigne
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Re: speaker upgrades

What's available to you? Recommending you listen to Revels, or any other label, will be useless if they are not available to audition. What are you coming from? What are you familiar hearing? Pairing a $12k speaker with lesser quality electronics could prove to be a disaster and place you on a steep upgrade path.

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Re: speaker upgrades

It may also help if you explain what you liked and disliked about the Magnepans. This may assist others in suggesting speakers that you may also like.

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