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speaker sugguestions
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Hey, at that price, it was practically free!

There are loads of speaker possibilities.

Stroll through the other threads that talk about speakers and get a feel for what's already been mentioned.

There are good enough speakers in the 400 dollar and under range that may please you greatly.

Keep us posted and feel free to ask questions after you catch up on the other threads!

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I agree about Ebay. If you are looking to fill some space with sound, the used market is the place to go!

The brands you mention should be fine. I bet you'll make plenty of noise with any of those!

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Dang! I forgot one thing.

I don't know where you live, but many cities have a shop or two that carries a whole mess of used gear. We have some hear that carry speakers from yours and my era dirt cheap.

No shipping costs, plus you can make sure they work first!

Hit the internet for local shop listings, but be sure to check the Yellow Pages, especially for shops that do repair work and you may make out even better!

I saw a place here that had just sold an old pair of AR90's for 200 bucks!

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If you're into vintage speakers, especially speakers from the 70's and 80's, check out this website:

Jim Tavegia
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Smaller floorstanding Epos ELS303 $700 from MusicDirect or the recently reviewed B&W 603 $1,000, or the Triangle Heliade Underwoodhifi or the Monitor Audio RS6...just for starters. If you are eventually going to make the trek into highend you might as well start at a good place with speakers.

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It's like this. There's no substitute for a good audition. None. Used gear can save a bunch of money, but if you haven't heard the speaker you really don't know what your getting.

When I auditioned my current system I listened to many speakers that were very well-reviewed by this magazine and others, but that I didn't like very much. Speaker choice is personal, If you can't afford to just trade them out then you'd best listen.

On the other hand, if you can buy fairly cheaply on ebay, if you don't like them you can send them on your way and try again. But that approach has it's own difficulties, such as taking a bath on a pair that you paid too much for.

For myself, If I can't hear them, I won't buy them.

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I just got some Paradigm Titan's v.4's
Got them for $199.00 (they retail $249.00) and I will tell you that I have yet to hear this much bang for the buck!
I have been doing significant research and listening and the Titan's simply cannot be beat -imho. I am in the beginnings of puttting together a system and have not bought any A/V as of yet, so I am powering them with an old 1981 Yahama A-760 amp with a 1980's Sony 5 disc, I know the sound that's coming from these antiquated components is not near anything that is out now..even with that sound the Titan's sound killer...I just got Premier s-70 stands for them....
One thing I want to point here...I am a studio musician and I learned a long time ago the significance to what I room's acoustics will do the the overall outcome of the sound..I have this little system in a 12x22 room that is filler with windows and wood floors...even with all of these things going against it...the amp, cd, the acoustics...the titans sound great....
Get them...they are sooo soo worth it for the $$$$

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I would suggest vintage Klipsch speakers. Back in the old days I had a pair of heresys, and then a pair of La Scalas. The heresy can rock like no other small speaker. The La Scallas will rock like no other.

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Some old Sansui high efficency speakers would rock on that gear.

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I recently went with a friend to advise him on some good speakers to buy for an all-around modest sytem, and the ones we came up with were Wharfedale speakers; very clean bass and pretty good clear sound from top to bottom. I think he paid about $300, but can't tell you the model number now.

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