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Speaker Recommendation

Hi All

I have just bought an old Technics amp SU-Z1, looks great and sounds good but I'm not happy with the speakers I have now.

Using Mission 700's but the bass is vague and I'm running with the bass turned down a fair way.

Any recommendations on a pair of book shelf speakers?



Ariel Bitran
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By Procedure

the first question is: what is your budget?

Bill B
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Budget guidance helps.  Also, that is not a powerful amp, so you will need efficient speakers.  Sensitivity ratings of 85dB or higher will be needed, 90 or more if you can.

I think the mission speakers are old enough that you should check the foam surrounds on the woofers.  That material can disintegrate over the years and ruin the bass.  If you take the grills off, deterioration would be visible.  It is repairable, if you choose to.

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