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speaker positions help

I live in a manhattan apt (ie small), and my home theater is on the south end of my apt, facing west, room is long north-south about 30ft but narrow east-west (about 10ft). NHT sub zeros on shelves have 10ft of room before hitting the wall behind my couch, only other spkr I have is a hsu research sub (beside my couch). Prob I have is sound is much louder at the north end of my apt (kitchen area) and quiet at the south end of my apt (around my couch, the listening area). Tried adjusting the angle of the speakers, but no luck. AV receiver is a low-end Pioneer elite, 2yr old model. Has automatic adjustments for the room but still doesn't seem to optimize well. Any ideas how to fix, or a book / website I should read? Much appreciated.

Jan Vigne
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Re: speaker positions help

Have you tried any specific speaker/sub placement guides? Or, did you just put stuff where it fit? If the latter, place "speaker set up" and "sub placement" in a search engine and read a bit.

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