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MostroThe Lancia
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Speaker Placement; advice needed

I recently moved to a new condo here in the land of cheesesteaks, and I'm trying to figure out the best placement for my system; I only use it for music. Here is what I have in terms of equipment:

Marantz SR5012 AV receiver
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC turntable
Nakamichi BX150 Cassette player/recorder

2 Revel 106 speakers and stands
2 Martin-Logan XT35 speakers and stands
2 Mirage Omnisat V2 speakers and stands

I'll be getting a subwoofer in the near future; not sure which yet...any suggestions?

I also have a Sony 55" tv which is temporarily on a stand in front of the fireplace.

I have approximately 500 LPs, which is my main music listening along with my premium Spotify account.
I used to have a larger system (Kef IQ system) when living in my house, but I've since moved to apartments, and now this condo, which is 1025 sq ft.

Below is a rough floor plan (more or less to scale) of my living room, and the current layout of the furniture. The media cabinet is where the AV receiver, turntable, and Nakamichi reside; nothing is hooked up yet, and everything is movable.
I am at a loss at this point in terms of setup and speaker placement. The Revels and Martin-Logans will definitely be used; the Omnisats, not 100% sure.
Any help and advice are much appreciated.


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I can’t see the picture of the room layout but, I’d start w the basics. I’d first figure out what seat you’ll spend the most time in listening to your records. And I’d set up the Revels to get a really good 2 channel first. Then I’d go from there.

Remember you want to try and make an equilateral triangle with your seated position and the distance between the speakers.

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The absolute best way to

The absolute best way to determine speaker location in any room, for any speakers, is use the speaker set up track on the XLO Test CD or similar test CD. Anything with an out of phase track. The very best sound when the system is in phase will be when the out of phase track is the more diffuse, meaning it sounds like it’s coming at you from all around the room. Another tip is that speakers should generally be placed closer together, some folks believe wide apart and toed-in is good for wide soundstage, but it’s not. The best soundstage will almost always be achieved when speakers are, say, 5 feet apart, for example. The out of phase track will demonstrate this idea.

Without a method such as the out of phase track being able to find the absolute best locations for the speakers is like finding a needle in the haystack. You might think you found a set of good locations, but they are only local maximums. Trying to find absolute best locations without a definite plan is like trying to solve x simultaneous equations in x + n unknowns.

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