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Speaker distortion even after new head/speakers 07 grand prix

I'm hoping to avoid having to run new wire to each and every speaker but I'm running out of ideas. I started out with:

A 2007, grand prix base, no monsoon system, factory original head, and I believe the factory speakers, a set of 6.5's in the door, 6x9s in the trunk deck, all paper coned. I experienced a faint amount of distortion in the system at high volume but it wasn't horrible, I only decided to try and lose it because of my tax refund allowing for an upgrade.

the new system consist of the following: a pioneer dmh-bt160 head unit, ran through a metra WM-gm11-swc adapter to retain factory steering wheel controls and chimes, and schoche 200 watt 6.5-6.75 speakers in the front door panels, schoche 300w 6x9's in the rear deck connected using Metra 72-4568 speaker harness adapters in the hopes to keep a plug and play system.

I used to get a bit of alternator whine so I plan to check the grounds once i figure out where they are, but I wanted to ask for help on what could be causing the distortion so I can cover it all in one tear down (hazards of it being my daily driver, I have to put it back together well enough to keep using at the end of the night).

I'm also aware of a couple other odd things, everything I've seen says the 07 grand prix has a factory amp but it was absent from the trunk, and I know I'm under powering the speakers but I was under the impression that would just mean i'm not getting as much oomph as i could possibly squeeze out of them, as the pioneer head provides 50 watt x 4 channel.

I apologize in advance if any of this is obvious ignorance, I've only done once with slightly better results previously.

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Any luck finding the factory amp?

Have a 2007 pontiac and my rear speakers haven't worked since buying the car. Did aftermarket radio and just got some junkyard 6x9's. Not sure if it's the factory amp or bad junkyard speakers..

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