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Speaker decision

I'm attempting to build my father a decent system on a tiny budget by buying him new components as gifts throughout the year. I started with an MMF turntable last xmas(he has a huge cd collection, but an absolutely massive vinyl collection). This is the only good component he has in his system as of now. This year, I'm planning on speakers, but can't decide between the Epos ELS-3, the B&W DM303, the Polk RTi4, or maybe a used B&W 600 series or something similar from eBay. The budget he is comfortable with doesn't allow for separate music/home theater systems, so this pair will also act as the fronts in his eventual HT setup. The room in which they are going is medium-sized and abundantly furnished.

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Speaker decision

Don't laugh, but have you listened to the Infinity Primus 250? Found just about everywhere for $300 a pair.

Even better would be the Infinity Primus 360 which have been seen occasionally new on eBay for around $350 a pair.

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