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Speaker choice (Dynaudio or Quad) and room placement

1)I would like some feedback on a couple of issues. I am trying to decide between Dynaudio Audience 72, and the Quad 22L.

2)I am also trying to get my speakers placed well in my room. The room has hardwood flooring and is 11' X 22'. I had them 1.5' away from the smaller wall about 5' apart, but I was getting a very bright sound. I moved them to about the long wall to avoid side reflection and they are better. They also play directly into a soft couch in this setup. This room is not a dedicated audio room as it also has a fireplace, baby grand piano and furniture for sitting. Any ideas would be great! Thanks

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Re: Speaker choice (Dynaudio or Quad) and room placement

Not sure if this will help but as-far-as-i know,Dynaudios tend to be more like analytical sounding whereas the Quads (not the electrostatic) more like warm sounding.

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Re: Speaker choice (Dynaudio or Quad) and room placement

You probably have a very live room with the hardwood floors. Room reflections will increase the perceived high frequencies.

It would be helpful to know what your other equipment is. Your 'bright' condition could be due to other components contributing to your live room. In the interum, try placing your speakers a little further apart...say 7ft. if possible and firing them straight forward with no toe-in. Also, if you can sit a little further away, say 8ft. or so and use some sort of rug or throw between you and the speakers. I would also experiment with the direct reflections from the side walls. If you have some air conditioning filters that you aren't using, try taping them on the side walls at your listening height between you and the speakers to see if this helps out.

At some point, you might have to take some measures to deaden your room or accept a little darker speaker that has less energy in the upper mids and treble region. If it were me, I would try my best to fix the room before deciding on which speakers to buy.

Planar speakers need lots of room from the boundaries to work right and even distance from the listening position. If you don't have the room to use planars, you can be asking for some frustration in getting them to work.

Try standing in the room when it is dead quiet and clap once as hard as you can. If you hear so much as a hint of echo, you are going to tilt the upper frequencies in your room.

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