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speaker care

Would anybody like to share some tips for how to properly clean and care for older speakers? Or, link to articles that speak to the issue..

I have an early 80's pair of SS-U560's. They're great. But since they're getting up there in age, I was wondering if I can treat them to protect from getting dried out, etc. Can a substance be applied to speaker surrounds/cones to keep them in good shape and prevent drying out?


Jeff Wong
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Re: speaker care

If the surrounds are still supple, I doubt you need to do anything. I've heard of people treating surrounds with mink oil or canola oil to revive them - I'm not sure that's a recommended practice, though... you could end up causing greater damage. There are kits available to redo the rubber surrounds if the originals are dried and cracking (and probably places that will do it for you.)

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