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Speaker = AMP question

Hey guys,

I am getting into the mobile karaoke business and just cought a snag. I really dont understand all this RMS, 4 vs 8 ohm crap. Here is what I got.


2000 watts peak output
1000 WATTS RMS @ 4 Ohms Bridged
500 watts Per Channel RMS @ 4 ohms
250 watts per channel RMS @ 8 ohms

I also bought a pair of 15" 700watt ADI Sound w/ 7x9 horn tweeter.

350 watts RMS w/ 700 watts peak.

Frequency response is 45 to 20,000 hz. (8 Ohms) (101 db)

2 way 15 inch speakers with 50 oz magnet and 2.5 inch voice coil.

That is all that is mentioned about the speakers.
I have never heard of this company before.

My question, is this to much amp for these speakers, if so any suggestion. I have tried running from the mixer which is an AMerican Audion Q-D6, balanced, didnt like, unbalanced, I liked better.

What do you guys think?

Thanx JP

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Re: Speaker = AMP question

Hey Stoner

I am not gonna go into technical stuff here.The amps you mention are quite sufficient for the speakers you got.
It is much easier to blow the cones of loudspeakers with too little power than with too much.It's the excessive distortion from too little a power that does the damage not the watts themselves.

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