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Speaker Advice for IntegratedTube Amp

Hi Everyone-

I am in The process of switching from my trusty old Sansui AU-999 Integrated to a Rouge Audio Tempest II Integrated Tube Amp. I would love some speaker suggestions as this is my first time with tubes. With the Sansui I have always alternated a pair of Acoustic Research AR-14's and Dynaco 25's. I was thinking of getting a pair of new speakers. The Tempest Its specs are:

The specs from the amp from the manual are:

Main fuse located on rear panel (1) – 5 Amp slow blow Tube Fuses (4) – 1/4 Amp slow blow
output power frequency response THD
input sensitivity dimensions
shipping weight power requirements
90 WPC
5Hz – 50 kHz ± 1dB
< 0.1% typ, < 1% at rated power 1.0 V RMS
14 1⁄2” W x 19” D x 7” H
60 pounds (25 Kg)
65 lbs (27 Kg)
115/230V - 50/60Hz

Music wise, Im pretty dialed in with Indie rock, glam rock, prog rock, so lots of guitars and a decent amount of electronic music.

My listening room is about 20 ft long, by 15 ft wide.

I can't afford much with the speakers , so I'd like to stay under $700,

Anyone have anything great to suggest? I would appreciate any help I can get.

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Kevin @ Upscale Audio - Talk to Him for Advice

The Owner of Upscale Audio, I recall his name is Kevin, he would be a VERY good source of information and advice. He specializes in selling hard to find vacuum tubes, and he sells many types of tube amps. I bought my Sonic Frontier Power 3s from him long time ago. He has a wealth of knowledge. He also carries many speakers. He's a nice fella; call him. As for a speaker, with tube amps, my general rule of thumb is a high sensitivity speaker/efficient speaker that gets like maybe 90 to 93 dB per watt. With 90W/channel, that's enough to get it done though. As for your budget and what you can buy, get something used; your greenbacks will have greater buying power. Everyone has a different taste in speakers; for me, I like space, soundstage, air, etc. This means Focal and KEF in that price range. If you like a more up-front sound, maybe Infinity and JBL. Lastly, get out and listen to stuff, then let your fingers do the walking on You can find anything on that hifi classified website. Anyways, happy hunting.

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