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soundsmith strain gauge

I'm wondering if anyone has heard the Sound-Smith Strain Gauge system and if there is a review of it anywhere. There was a mention of it on one of the blogs here, but I can't find much else.
I'm considering taking the plunge based on what some VA posters say, but am a little bit nervous as one is stuck with the electronics with no interchangeability.

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Re: soundsmith strain gauge

I haven't heard it myself, but the reviews are very promising. Have you followed the review links on their site? Their moving iron cartridges also intrigue me.


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Re: soundsmith strain gauge


Welcome to the forum! I have heard the Strain Gauge on several occasions as my local dealer is now using it as his reference and have been extremely impressed. I posted on it a couple of months ago, here, where there was some discussion of the slightly 'closed' nature of the architecture.

It certainly betters the Dynavector XV-1s, which is the only other cartridge I have heard in the exact same players, in several areas such as transient attack and sound-staging. I got my Dynavector, a demonstrator, at a deep discount, if I had been paying anywhere near list I would have stretched for the Strain Gauge instead. A friend of mine who has had a number of high-end cartridges prefers it to his previous reference, his Lyra Olympos.

There was a very positive review in Italian high-end journal Fedelt

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Re: soundsmith strain gauge

Funny, I was just researching this yesterday myself.

I was watching a youtube clips of the Cart at the CES show (I think). Do a search out there for some more talk about it. I would provide a link, but my work blocks the site (for good reason).

I thought that the soundsmith website had some reviews (but it maybe just comments).

I found it interesting (but out of my price range).


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