Soundfield and ModWright

Ammar Jadusingh began his loudspeaker company, Soundfield Audio, in late 2010, not long before he exhibited at AXPONA Jacksonville. Sold direct via the internet, his brand new Variable Soundfield Tower 3 four-way loudspeaker ($8500/pair), aka VSFT-3, contains two different, active woofers: a 10" sealed, high-excursion woofer and a 12" dipole woofer. With a claimed frequency response of 20Hz—23kHz, 8 ohms nominal impedance, and 92dB sensitivity, the speakers exhibited quite good balance and a warm midrange on a Red Book version of Dave Brubeck's "Take 5," live from the UK.

Driving the VSFT-3 were a ModWright KWA 100SE amp ($5250), LS100 tube preamp ($3750), ModWright modified Oppo BDP-105 ($2500 for the mod only). Cables were MG Audio Design Planus III speaker ($2300/10' pair) and Planus AG1 IC ($1550/1.5m pair). ModWright gear may not convey the most sophisticated, subtle, or transparent of presentations, but the sound was nonetheless very clear, controlled, and fast.