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Sound quality on Sony NW-A45 with SoundMagic E11C headphones

Hi All,

I'm a bit of a newbie/amateur trying to improve my enjoyment of music by upgrading from mobile phone/Spotify.

Lifestyle & living situation dictates earphones and music on the go.

To get started I invested in a Sony NW-A45 digital Walkman. My plan was to start listening to higher quality files and I read these walkmans have a decent DAC for the money. I went with a set of SoundMagic E11C in-ear headphones based on reviewing a bunch of websites etc.

The problem I'm having is all my music sounds tinny and without any depth or body. Not sure how best to describe it. I have the volume up at 80/100 on the Walkman but it still does not sound very full. The Walkman does a graphic equalizer and some sound effect options, but I was hoping to enjoy the music as it was recorded as much as possible.

I'm wondering if any has any experience of this device and can give me tips? Have I gone for the wrong headphones? Is there some setting I'm missing?

On-ear headphones are a possibility to switch too, however a little difficult as I like to listen when doing sports.

Thank you

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On ears...

...are the way to go for that Sony DAP for more critical listening. For activity-related listening, you'll need to get serious IEMs -- not < $50 ear buds.

For recommendations, check sister site Inner Fidelity's Wall of Fame:

Also, what are the formats of your music files? Bit rate and depth?

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