soulution 760 DAC/Network Player

First shown at Rocky Mountain in October, the soulution 760 DAC was again on hand and is now expected to ship at the end of January for startling $72,000. I say startling not only because this is pre-owned Aston Martin DB-9 territory but also because soulution tends to go with a minimilist esthetic with their casework. So the focus is on what's inside, not the fancy metal.

soulution's Cyrill Hammer explained to me that Inside is a converter based on that found in the 745 SACD-player with the addition of digital volume control and extra inputs on back. Those include SPDIF, AES/EBU, optical USB and Ethernet for digital, and both balanced and unbalanced outputs for analog. soulution's "Zero-Phase-Technology" based around a third order Bessel filter, is employed to keep phase error below one degree in the audio band.

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