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has anyone heard these guys? I am not really a fan of some contemporary fusion bands but I have to say that these guys are truly phenomenal.. they are contemporary jazz with a strong background in Hip Hop it sounds like but their skill is amazing. I havent come across too many people who are familiar with this group but I have a feeling that they will be very successful in years to come.. here is their main website and so far the only one ive found with their music.. check them out guys they are definitely my favorite group right now and I think you will like them!

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Re: Soulive

I saw them perform in NYC about 5-6 years ago and thought they were great. Since then, I've discovered a few more of these "Jam Bands", like Martin Medeski and Wood (apparently the grandfather of this genre of jazz), Stanton Moore, Garaj Mahal, and a few others. IMHO, this genre is the natural evolution of jazz played by guys like Jimmy Smith, Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery, etc....

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Re: Soulive

I have seen the band twice live, and each time it was a great experience. Their latest record was a bit of a let down, it was a little "smooth" sounding, but the self-titled live record off Blue Note and their first (Get Down/Velour Records) are my personal favorites... and yes, they are carrying the banner of folks like Jimmy Smith and Grant Green, two artists also listed in the liner notes of their debut. Other artists that you have probably heard of and would like in this vein would be MMW, Charlie Hunter, Garage a Trois, Galactic (Stanton Moores band) and more that I can't think of off the top of my head.


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