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Sony manual turntable, PS-LX350H

I know this isn't an "audiophile" level turntable, but does anyone have any experience with it? It looks nicely made, and has plenty of adjustability. Also it's very cheap which is good for me. I've found it new for ~$140. I can't figure out if it has a built in pre-amp however. Does anyone know? I've seen it listed in the specs on one site, but not on a couple of others so I'm confused.

Is it good enough to be an introduction into vinyl for me without spending a lot of money? Then if I'm still into it in a year when I get out of school I'll get something nicer.


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Re: Sony manual turntable, PS-LX350H

it can be done for a lower price than that. You can find a cheap used DD or belt drive Technics, with a stylus that is in decent shape, for about $125. Then buy a phono preamp box off ebay or the like..or an old integrated or receiver at the local pawn shop.

All you want is working switching and a phono preamp. You can even buy a amplifier that is broken..but still turns on. who cares about the blown amp! All you want is the working phono EQ section, which is GOING to be better than anything else you buy for $25.

So yes, a junk amplifier from a local repair shop. Hell, they'll be glad to let you take it! You use the phono preamp, by using the 'tape recording' outputs and feed that into your other system.

And them spend all the money on a decent condition used Technics turntable, or the like.

If I only had $140 to put into it, this is the way I'd go. Massive bang for my bucks!

Watch. I'm going to go now and find a great turntable for $120, as it will be on Ebay, or similar. Gotta allow for shipping and the like. I'll be right back.

Here's an awesome deal:

This looks like a great deal.

When folks ship turntables, they -MUST- lock the tonearm down with a tie wrap or similar,and they -MUST- lock the platter into position, but so it cannot bounce around and ruin it's bearing. ie, the platter must be removed, and stabilized.

You'll have enough left over for six-pack of beer, and a couple of records.

Remember to call some of the repair shops and pawn shop for that dead amplifer, to use it's phono section. Why buy junk, when you can get someone to give you premium, for free. as for the turntable from Sony, if it's that price, it's seriously bad junk. Good turntables REQUIRE minimums of specific materials and components that cost money. No way around it. Which is why the correct vintage turntable, with a decent condition cartridge, installed correctly!** a good idea.

I'm such a cheap Scot.

** the cartridge must be installed (positioned) correctly, otherwise it will 'eat' records. And they will sound bad at the same time.

Well..I'll be damned. I went and looked at this turntable from Sony. Not so bad. If you want the pitch control, it'll do that.

Any of the older Turntables I've listed is likely to sound better, but the Sony is a no-brainer, on the ease of purchase front.

However, you'll still have to track down the good phono preamp. Which means my method of getting a premium one for a a few bucks (broken integrated amps) is the way to go.

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