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Something great is happening...


I met a person at work whose son is a 15 year old violin player.

He's in the local high school (public school) orchestra and had an iPod full of classical tunes.

He is an avid file sharer (apologies to the industry) via one of those internet places teenagers go, and has almost a thousand classical music "friends" in that community.

They compare past and current performances of loads of classical pieces, and discuss and argue about which ones are better!

He says that there are bootleggers who are recording classical concerts just like Deadheads used to do, only his stuff is still not "approved."

Anyway, I'm predicting vibrant growth in the "Concert Subscription" thing that I've heard some orchestras are starting to do.

I see a future where people (crowds, throngs!) like this cool kid will be getting subscriptions to the New York Philharmonic season and never leaving Las Vegas.

I see people with multiple subscriptions to orchestra seasons around the globe.

I see a HUGE swing to the good for classical music.

Now, that will lead kids to Hi Fi...and makes me think if I ever hit the Lotto, that buying a great Hi Fi quality system for a small auditorium along with these subscriptions in high res format will change the wolrd.

Yup, bright future!

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