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Some great March tidbits!

There were some really interesting bits of commentary this month!

To wit:

1) Kal Rubinson described the effect of an amplifier's sound on his sytem, while it wasn't 'installed' in his sytem.

Not earthshakingly amazing, but he mentioned that the original Bel Canto Ref1000 amplifiers could be plugged in to an outlet in his room, and not connected to his gear, yet they generated noise that was audible in his system, and that this noise was eliminated by line filters.

Nice point of embarkation to talk about filters and power conditioning!

2) Mike Fremer did a follow up of the Hansen Prince speakers and noted as he described the trade off's involved in reducing the speaker's size..."But size - and, therefore, soundstage height - was all that he was willing to sacrifice."

Does that mean it does take a taller speaker to convey height cues?

Another interesting point of departure for discussion!

3) Is the Chord SPM 650 a rebadged Crown amp?

The review description read eerily like the sound of the Crown XLS 802, and the look could be almost the same chassis.

All in all, lots of hidden gem comments!

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