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So which is better Air,fiber, VACUUM?

Tara has an ad in TAS, nice colorful (expensive?) telling me that regular wire insulation causes DISTORTION!!! So their magic fix is AIR....hmmmmmm, in a different month, they where telling me AIR is a need VACUUM!!!! Now come on, I might be not able to hear any of this distortions, but my brain is starting to spin, my head hurts. AQ says I need 72V on my wires, Tara says to use air, then vacuum, Crystal says something else, Harmonix tells me something else, Siltech heats then it begining to become a little contrictory. all these wire EXPERTS, you know Kimber kid, and the guy who started out building Dyna kits then somehow found out wire was teh problem, all these experts should get together and have a wire conference and decide which marketing...oooops, I mean lab results are teh correct ones. Some one on AudioASSylum says he hears Teflon versus PVC wire coatings!!! But Tara says it's AIR, then VACUUM...but Tar doesn't heat then FREEZE, so how could they be right? AQ says I need batteries. A real man never let's his wife near batteries, on wires or elewhere. Tara Rules!!! huh? Siltech heats and freezes...Crystal Cable makes it thin, MapleShadey uses cellophane or something......hmmm does it all begin to sound a little SHADEY?

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Re: So which is better Air,fiber, VACUUM?

I'd go with P.A.D. . They use liquid.

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Re: So which is better Air,fiber, VACUUM?

Same thing with amplifiers DUP. Different topologies, so who is right there?? There are alot of theories out there.

And what about automobiles, trucks, cranes, guns, vacuum cleaners, food, gasoline brands, clothes, bedding etc. What are the best brands out there? You are the final authority, right?

Where does it stop? Maybe you should move to a dictatorial government where you can be sole lord over it all. Then you can run everyone elses life for them.

You are not purchasing it, so what do you care? Oh, that's right, you are SO concerned for others well being.

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Re: So which is better Air,fiber, VACUUM?

DUP, remember that even one of your heros, Frank Van Alstine, couldn't measure any difference between his cheap speaker cables and interconnects and those made by Ray Kimber. Yet Frank found upon careful listening that he liked the sound better and kept the Kimbers in his reference system. Frank didn't want to hear a difference, strongly believed there would be no difference but had the intellectual honesty to acknowledge that the Kimbers sounded better.

There is a lot out there that we experience but still don't understand and have even less idea how to measure it.

We all accept that you are unable to hear a difference between cables. Thus you should use Radio Shack interconnects and spend the money you saved on more music.

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