SME Series V tonearm Specifications

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Description: Pivoted, dynamic balance tonearm with fiber-damped, tapered, straight magnesium arm-tube with a fixed headshell, optional viscous pivot damping, spring sidethrust correction, sliding base overhang adjustment, ballrace bearings. Effective mass: 10–11gm. Length (pivot to stylus): 233.15mm. (Pivot-to-spindle distance, 215.35mm (8½"); offset overhang, 23 ° 38 minutes; overhang, 17.8mm ±9mm; tracking error, 0.012 °/mm maximum with 0 ° error at 66.04mm and 120.9mm from the record center.) Cartridge balance range: 0–14gm. Vertical tracking force: 0–3gm., adjustable to 0.15gm. (tracking weight can be set using both counterweight and an adjustable spring). Net weight: 720gm. Internal wiring: silver Litz. Phono cable: monocrystal silver. Mounting: standard SME tonearm hole.
Price: $1750 (1986); $5500 (2014).
Manufacturer: SME Ltd., Steyning, Sussex BN4 3GY, England. US distributor: Sumiko, Berkeley, CA (1986); Acoustic Sounds, Salina, KS (2014). Tel: (785) 825-8609. Fax: (510) 843-7120. Web:

SME Ltd.
US distributor: Acoustic Sounds
(785) 825-8609

Osgood Crinkly III's picture

Have been using the V since it came out (w/ Kiseki Purple Heart Sapphire and Sota Star Sapphire IV). No problems, no complaints. No fuss, no bother, no tweeking. Just music.

volvic's picture

I have had mine for 9 years now, same as fellow above, no fuss no mess. Perhaps newer arms sound better but its build quality, ease of set up and reliability has me yearning for no other arm and that is what big expensive hi-fi purchases should be about; lasting you a lifetime so that you can enjoy your record collection......Nuff said.

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Can we have a review for the new model C109 from JAMO , which was the largest manufacturer of speakers in Europe one day. :)