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Sloppy Power Cord Female IEC Connection

Cable Gurus help? I'm on my third PC upgrade audition and noticed none of these aftermarket power cords offers the "grip of death" one would expect at the IEC connection. One would think good stable contact would be the first order of business. One manufacturer even suggests this connection be checked periodically. I guess so, considering the weight of the cord seems to want to dislodge the connection.

Perhaps I just have POS male IEC's on my equipment?

Perhaps I just have not stumbled upon the correct power cord?

I would suspect some of our more obsessive tweakers have encountered this problem and could not sleep at night without coming up with a remedy. I'm thinking of wraping the cords IEC with some electrical tape in an effort to try to wedge it in the opening.

Any better ideas much appreciated.


Jeff Wong
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Re: Sloppy Power Cord Female IEC Connection

RG - I haven't tried the Furutech IEC Inlets, but, they might be what you're looking for:

Maybe Jonathan Scull can tell us more about them. These appear to be touted as having the "grip of death" you seek. I'm not 100% happy with the grip of some of my IEC jacks. This might be worth investigating.

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Re: Sloppy Power Cord Female IEC Connection

Doesn't seem like good design work does it...? Hang an oversized over weighted piece of wire off an IEC origiannly designed for an 18Ga 16Ga flexible small mortal cord, thus the aftermarket AC cord nonsense is really not well thought out is it, but as you keep trying to find teh one. You see, that is why NEMA has wiring devices suited for it's application, thus twist locks for heavy cords in places where the power cord cannot be removed accidentally, or in teh case of straight blade 15/20A devices hospital grade have a slightly stronger spring tension, but not to teh extent where it cannot be in advertently removed, but far less able than standrad grade. Hospital is also about abuse from cleaning chemicals, thus most faces are nylon, etc to stand up to cleaning routines and physical abuse, not audioitory nonsense. Get some twist locks L5 I beleive NEMA for 15A build a female twist lock into your Cd player, the ultimate power cord tweak, give it a fancy weird name liek some alligator or snake pit, price it in the stratoshere, write a "white paper" on all teh design and engineering you can be a cable all those who sold before you....Kimber, Carda, Ps Audio, Shunyata data do ya, Sunny Cable, look out there's a new hype in town. After using that oversized AC line cord, look at teh internals of your unit, what kind of wire is coming off the fuse and switch? Looks like hookup wire, for mortals?

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