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Skull Candies.....

Seem like a joke of a headphone.
$30 for 100-18,000 Hz??
anybody have any other opinions about skull candy?

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Re: Skull Candies.....

As you can see, the headphone board is one of the quietest here; you will probably be better off asking this question over at head-fi.

I have no experience whatsoever with Skull Candy 'phones, my only reflection is that judging by their distribution strategy (the retailers and commerce sites who carry them) they don't appear to be targetting the audiophile market. If they were a screaming audiophile bargain you can bet the word would be out over at head-fi. Things like that don't tend to stay secret for long!

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Re: Skull Candies.....

They're not audiophile quality, but aren't bad for the money if you like the style or want a pair of headphones you won't have a heart attack if you lose. For the same price, you can get Sennheiser HD202s, which are actually pretty decent-sounding, but far less rad-looking.

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Re: Skull Candies

The only time I'll ever buy Skull Candies is when my primary set of headphones breaks and I need something at least a little better than Apple Standard Heaphones. For 10 dollars and for audiophile use, they last for about a month.

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brought three pair for my 8 year olds. They loved them. I still find them in interesting places about the house.


Tyll K H
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Skullcandy Avaitors ($149)

Skullcandy Avaitors ($149) actually sound pretty darn good.

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I have a Skullcandy Hesh.

I have a Skullcandy Hesh.  Constructed fairly cheaply, they've already broken twice, but been able to fix with CA glue and a little garage engineering.  They sound ok, decent bass but the highs are lacking a bit.  Comfortable though, and once you have them on for a few songs, you get used to the sound.  Definitely would not call them audiophile quality though.

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The Titan IEM's and Aviators

The Titan IEM's and Aviators are pretty good and the FMJ's are pretty good but at twice the price of the Titans id go with the Titans. All there other products under $150 mainly there over-ears are junk.

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