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Single strand cables

First you said you didn't have Klipsch, then it was Harberts, then some Himatomo something or other, I have no idea what you are talking about, then you had 6W that is all you need, then a McIntosh from teh 60's that of course is better than anything in this century....Now scotch tape over insuffiencet sized wires are the thing. Are you sure you ain't really got a BLOSE? Now you have 6 foot speakers...If you would learn to communicate, I'd know what you are talking about.....If you don't know what SLAM and IMPACT is, live music ain't your reference is it? A blurred, bloated, ill defined muddle maybe is what you think is ALIVE....An all tube amp with a damping factor of 12, for that nice bloated mush...that is NOT what live music is....So be concise, WHAT speajkers are you using with this 30 ga stuff?

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