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Single strand cables

I don't understand, what don't I understand, basic electrical concepts? You don't seem to understand the basics. a 6 W amplifier is not gonna do anything along the lines of realism, you might have an entirely different idea of what sounds like the live event. Problems with multiple drivers, what are you talkin' bout' Willis? The analogy for you to understand you are trying to illuminate a foot ball field with a 25 W incandesent lamp. You see a faint glow and think that it's lit up. If you ain't tried an amp with some abiltys you are not getting it.You have an underpowered amp then you add an extreme amount of DC resistance to it.... 30 ga wire,where did you get your schooling, holy moly. You are trying to move air with a guitar pick as a fan, to quote a speaker manufacturer. Is there anything an audiophile won't beleive?

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