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Single strand cables

He is on a different planet or medication? Using his logic then I should rewire my house from 10,12,14 outlets with thinner wire and everything is gonna run better, with more voltage drops, burning wires and the like. The simple concept IS current needs COPPER. If in doubt, why does a car battery cable have to be so thick? At 12V it is using a lotta current to run that 1200W starter motor!!!Yes, they are even higher wattage starter motors than that on bigger engines. There is no skin effect at audio freqs for the umpteenth time. On teh other end there is no need for 10 ga wire to use on a CD player that is using about .5A fused power supply. electrical design is actually based on reality, not audio flakeness. Gullibility is sonme companys that sell magic wood and now the latest "resonators", with spit bowls on top. Is there anything an audiophile won't beleive?

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Re: Single strand cables

He is on a different planet ...

Coming from you, dup, I take that as a compliment.

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