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Simple Advice

Last Friday night, during an impromptu party, a cute woman from Romania turned my amp up all the way and destroyed my trusty old Infinities that I'd had for 17 years. I am now in the position of needing to buy speakers and I need to be time-efficient about doing so (I may well fix the Infinities but that will take some time). I went to two local stores and frankly they were a drag. The switching devices didn't work, and the salespeople were oriented towards television. So I'm turning to here for any sort of advice. Here is some data in case it helps:

My budget is around $700. I know that is not much these days. The room in which the speakers will spend most of their time is pretty big, 17x27, with hardwood floors, rugs. I listen to music all the time, from rock to classical. I don't watch TV. I'd be fine with bookshelfs (I'd add a sub later) or floor-standing. I tend to move my speakers around and use them heavily. Before the Infinities, as a teen, I had some big old Advents. I use three amps in different rooms, an old Onkyo, a new Yamaha, and a little Audiosource "Amp-2."

Any sort of help or steering, general or specific, would be useful to me.


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Re: Simple Advice

Sound Dynamics 300ti speakers are nice, but, no longer in production.

This set seems expensive considering the condition, but, it's under your budget and would give you some money to put towards stands or a subwoofer:

Here's a little info on them:

My friend, Ernest, uses them and is happy.

Does the woman being cute make up for her frying your speakers?

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Re: Simple Advice

I know where you can get the Infinity Primus P362 for $375/pair and the Infinity PS212 12" 400 Watt subwoofer is $300 Buy It Now on ebay. I doubt you could find a better sounding setup for $790 delivered.

Here is a review of the P362 predecessor:
If Bob Reina thinks the Infinity Primus 150s sound like $1000/pair speakers then the 360s sound like...?

In addition, Brett Johnson in his Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity review said, "The Primus 360s held their own in the stereo mode as full-range transducers, only struggling with the very lowest frequencies of the two-channel version of "Entre Amigos", a wonderful David Chesky recording featuring Rosa Pasoa and Bassist Ron Carter, with classic Latin acoustic accompaniment.

With the PS-12 sub in the system, the 360s were at ease with a wide variety of program material. With stereo, they were dynamic and precise, and the 360 is a capable stand-alone speaker."

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Re: Simple Advice

You may want to consider NHT 2.9 They're pretty good for the price. There's a pair right now available on Audiogon
They usually go for around 800, I think this one is 900 because it's white, rather than the usual black.

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